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Welcome everyone. We truly appreciate your visit to our homepage.

Daekeum Geowell Co., Ltd. has kept growing up based on a variety of experience in the overall industrial machinery and has realized the fruitful growth with our incessant challenge and passion since its foundation in 1957, while overcoming any crisis and turning it into our opportunity even in the middle of many adversities and difficulties.

Daekeum Geowell has grown up together with customers through total solutions to increase the value of water and customers from the system designing to the construction and maintenance on ultra-pure water production plants, raw water treatment plants, seawater desalination plants, and facilities for combined heat and power plants among others as a successful partner in the water treatment business both at home and abroad, based on our continuous research and development for customer satisfaction since we entered the water treatment plant business for industries in 1987.

Daekeum Geowell has contributed to the realization of a first-class society through ¡°the environmental facility business (representative products: wheel washers, water treatment) and precision machine parts business (representative product: bush) with our incessant development and effort to make the world better, while being positioned as a specialized company for each business area and being recognized both at home and abroad.

Daekeum will aim at the first goal in providing satisfaction for customer with the heart of customers together with our experience and know-how which have been continued for a half century, while making the best efforts to create the safe environment and safety as a first-class company contributing to our society along with trust due to the best technology and quality based on our sincerity.

Thank you.