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The accelerator clarifier has a central reaction zone surrounded by a settling zone.

These two zones communicate with each other at the top and bottom

A turbine at the top of the reaction zone circulates the water towards the settling zone.

The sludge setting in this zone returns by circulation to central zone.

The resulting sludge concentration facilitates rapid flocculation and the formation of a dense precipitate

Where necessary, bottom stirrer rapidly mixes the raw water with the sludge and the reagents. it also prevents the accumulation of heavy deposits liable to clog the plant.

There are one or more sludge hoppers for extraction of excess sludge as concentrated form as possible.

The water to be filtered is taken from a header tank after filtration through a bed of small grain size, the water rises from the bottom of the filter to the filtered water storage tank at the top.

When the storage tank is full, the water is discharged to the point of use.

1. Easy operation
2. Stable treated water quality
3. High concentrated sludge